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Brand, Logos & Usage

Brand, Logos & Usage

These guidelines cover our Brand Assets, including but not limited to:
  • The names “HelixMeta” and “HLM Token”
  • The HelixMeta logo (text and icon)
  • The HLM with round circle


HelixMeta is pretty open minded and flexible with our icon, but not our name.
We encourage creators to make derivative artworks based on the icon, and tbh we wanna see the community get real weird with it. If you’re selling derivative works, please give attribution and make sure you follow the guidelines here carefully so we don’t have a disagreement. If it’s dope, @ us on social so we don't miss it!
BUT, our logo and name are important, copyrighted parts of our brand, and we must protect them. So let’s go over a few ground rules.


✅👌🙂 You may:

  • Recreate, remix, create derivative artworks featuring the diamond icon, with attribution.
  • Buy and sell said derivatives, if you give attribution.

🚫😰👎 You may not:

  • Use our Brand Assets (logo, icon, name,) or any derivative works in any product/brand name, brand logo, etc. that can conflict or compete with HelixMeta. For example: -Don’t make an NFT marketplace called “HLMExpensive”.
  • Use or remix any of our Brand Assets to imply an official relationship, partnership, or other endorsements where there is none.
  • Use the name “HelixMeta” in full in social media channels in a way that implies any official relationship to us. If you make a fan group, Twitter account etc., make it clear that it’s not official.
  • Falsely claim or suggest any sort of official relationship, partnership, or other endorsements in any way.

Logo Guidelines

Logo Anatomy

  • A. Logotype
    • The type is set in Inter, but never recreate it - just use the SVG or PNG provided.
  • B. Icon
    • Watches you while you paper hand your JPEGs.
  • C. Logo (horizontal lockup)
    • The logotype and icon combine to make The Logo. Always use them in this exact proportion.


  • A. Icon
    • Can be used on its own to represent HelixMeta or HLM.
  • B. Horizontal logo lockup
    • This is the primary logo.
  • C. Vertical logo lockup
    • Only use this one when you have to display our logo with other similar shaped logos.
  • D. HLM Token
    • When you’re representing the token, please use the HLM icon on a circular black background. Don’t use a square shape for the token.

Clear Space

Give the logo breathing room. Keep space around the logo that's equal to at least the width of the diamond icon (x) on all sides.
Use the icon on the black circular background to represent HLM token.
The downloadable assets have the correct proportions already, but anyway: the clear space around the diamond icon must be at least 1/4 the width of the icon (y/4).


Purple is HelixMeta’s brand color.
When you’re using our logos, never adapt or recolor the files manually: just use the correct version for your use case. This detail is just for your reference.

Logos on background colors

Make sure the logo and icon are always fully visible against the background. Use the correct version for your use case.
  • a, b: Use the “lightbg” and “darkbg” logos on monochrome backgrounds
  • c, d: Use the “mono” logos on colored backgrounds


We just got through some examples of what not to do, but the logo system is built for flexibility. Play around and replace the OO or diamond icon as you like to tell a story. Show us what you got.
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