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Liquidity Provider Rewards

Liquidity Provider Rewards

LooksRare is incentivizing liquidity for the HLM token by giving rewards for users that stake HLM-ETH UniV2 LP tokens.

How are liquidity provider rewards calculated?

User A’s LP rewards per block are calculated by:
User A’s LP tokens stakedTotal amount of LP tokens staked× HLM Rewarded per block\frac{\text{User A's LP tokens staked}}{\text{Total amount of LP tokens staked}}\times{\text{ HLM Rewarded per block}}
  • User A stakes 100 HLM/ETH LP tokens on Day 5
  • The total amount of total staked HLM/ETH LP tokens is now 10,000
Based on the above, User A would receive:
HLM per block.

How do I set up liquidity on UniV2?

To learn how to add liquidity on Uniswap V2, read our guide on adding liquidity